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Not All State and Local Cronyism Involves Unions

Editor’s Note:  We add one caveat to this excellent perspective from Hunter Lewis: If you are a crony capitalist in California, and you are lobbying the politicians for government contracts and favorable legislation – then you are also lobbying the public sector unions who control these politicians. At a minimum, most of California’s major corporations […]

How Raising the Minimum Wage Destroys Small Businesses

Editor’s Note:  This article by “Against Crony Capitalism” co-founder Hunter Lewis emphasizes again the irony of trying to legislate private sector compensation. Because the sentiment behind these policies – wanting to elevate the economic status of lower income workers and their communities – is inherently in conflict with the outcome. When minimum wages are raised, […]

How Regulations Favor Monopolies and Big Government

Before discussing how Big Food operates today, let’s take a moment to look back at how agriculture operated in the US South in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Viola Goode Liddell, daughter of a cotton salesman, described the system: When an [Alabama] Black Belt farmer sent his cotton down river to Mobile, he . . . had to take what […]

Why Are the Medical Insurance Companies Silent?

Editor’s Note: This essay by John Goodman makes explicit, in the context of the federal passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, a phenomenon that is alive and growing in California. We usually call it corporatism, or crony-capitalism, but the endpoint of the trends, usually described using euphemisms, is economic fascism. Where communism might be correctly […]