Populist Unity Can Overcome the Establishment’s Supermajority

Back in 2012 we published an article entitled “The Forgotten 33%,” which included a graphic entitled “American Voter Breakdown 2012.” It depicted the U.S. electorate as comprised of 46% who pay zero net taxes, 20% who work for the government and are net tax consumers, the 1% “super rich,” and the “forgotten 33%,” who work […]

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  1. Floyd
    Floyd says:

    Sorry but if anyone is DUMB enough to think this ‘we draw the lines’ commission is “NON partisan,” then they need their heads examined!

    I have been following this farce called “redistricting” since the so called “commission” was formed. When that body was constituted, it contained numerous “ringers” or ‘stealth’ liberal democrats, whom were bound and determined to KEEP the left wing democrat stranglehold on the state electorate and politics! The results showed this instantly, NOTHING changed! NO state offices or officers changed political parties! The ‘fairness’ we all desperately were looking for NEVER happened! The new redrawn districts look basically like the OLD ones! Well DUHHH!! NOT one office changed parties! EVERYTHING stayed the same! The advertised ‘fairness’ never happened nor ever existed in the first place! The stealth liberals on the commission made sure of that! And the status quo continues!!

    This commission has been a joke and it’s results could have been predicted WAY before any new lines were ever drawn! It is RIGGED to favor liberal democrats ONLY, always was and will be!! So please STOP insulting our intelligence, and cease the liberal propaganda concerning how well it is working!!

    Because one look at the makeup of each house in Sacramento shows the heavy bias for democrats!


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