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Unionized University Faculty

The SEIU has spread their tentacles into the realm of higher education, with campaigns underway to organize faculty at colleges and universities. According to a report entitled “The War on Conservative Teachers,” posted today by Al Katman on Frontpage.com, the SEIU holds multiple elections, identifying the departments where union support is strongest, then holding a […]

Lame Duck Shenanigans

There are those who may criticize outgoing Florida Governor Charlie Crist for issuing a posthumous pardon to rock legend Jim Morrison (ref. “Gov. Charlie Crist will pursue pardon of Jim Morrison,” St. Petersburg Times). We should all be so lucky. In Iowa, incoming Governor Terry Branstad, in a press release today, exposed a lame-duck move […]

Public Utility Worker Compensation

One might argue that if public sector workers are paid over-market wages and benefits, then lowering their wages and benefits to levels comparable with private sector taxpayers might take away the need to push for higher taxes. Less visible but equally relevant to taxpayers are the compensation packages provided to public utility workers. These public […]

Myriad Cuts & Subtle Encroachments

There’s so much more where these stories came from, reports on another labor-friendly legislation or regulation, and always the same theme, more burdens on emerging private companies. None so horrendous at first glance, none without far reaching consequences – and none without numberless counterparts, assaulting any entrepreneur – who just wants to do honest hard […]

California Teacher’s Union Political Spending

An interesting post from the website “Intercepts: A listening post monitoring public education and teachers’ unions,” entitled “NEA/CTA Outspends Everyone on California Ballot Measures” has added up the political spending by California’s teacher’s union in last week’s election. For the nine initiative measures, the spending by California’s teacher’s unions was as follows: California Teachers Association: […]

California Enacts Union Reform at the Local Level

Despite candidates backed by public sector unions pretty much running the table in the statewide elections – they retained virtually every State Assembly and State Senate seat and among higher office, and only the Attorney General race still hangs in the balance – at the local level there were significant gains by union reformers. A […]

Sustainable Retirement Finance

When assessing the financial sustainability of any government administered plan to provide retirement security to their citizens, it is important to consider two factors, (1) the nation’s overall population demographics, and (2) the economic model of the plan. In-turn, when evaluating the economic model of the plan, it is important to consider the plan’s sustainability […]

Public Sector Unions & Political Spending

Working from the bottom up, it is virtually impossible to extract accurate figures to quantify just how much money public sector unions spend on political activity. For example, money spent at the state level on politics, as tracked by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, or, in California, as tracked by the California […]

California’s Firefighter Compensation

On August 4th an interesting analysis of public sector compensation was posted on the blog Inflection Point Diary entitled “How to Figure Out How Much Money a Local Government Manager Makes.” In this decidedly conservative analysis, the conclusion was that “real annual compensation [is] at least 33 percent higher than the ‘salary’ the city would […]

The Price of Public Safety

There is nothing wrong with paying a premium to public safety personnel because of the risks they take. And while it is true there are other career choices that are riskier than public safety jobs, and while it is also true that on average, public safety personnel in California – according to CalPERS own actuarial […]

U.S. Senate to Force Unionization of Police?

Within the next few days the U.S. Senate may consider Senate Bill 3194, the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act,” that will require states to grant collective bargaining rights for all public safety workers, including police, firefighters and emergency medical workers. Residents of California have had a front row seat to witness the consequences of allowing […]

The Real Reason For College Tuition Increases

The past year has seen a wave of protests by California’s public university students against tuition increases. These students have often been encouraged by their professors. But maybe the people encouraging them are the people they should be protesting against. Tuition increases are necessary because of increasing expenses, and the single most significant source of […]