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Sacramento and Unions: Addicted to Our Cash

In November, we will be asked to reject or approve “The California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016.” If approved by a majority of the voters, this ballot measure, Proposition 55, will extend to December 31, 2030 the “temporary” income tax surcharges on upper income Californians that were authorized in November of […]

The Pension Monster and How Much It’s Costing You to Keep It Fed

Why haven’t Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council President Herb Wesson followed up on the recommendation by the LA 2020 Commission to “establish a Commission on Retirement Security to review the City’s retirement obligations in order to promote an accurate understanding of the facts” and make “concrete recommendations on how to achieve equilibrium on retirement […]

Los Angeles Utility Ratepayers to IBEW Local 18 – Where's Our $40 Million?

IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18) Union Boss d’Arcy is planning a massive demonstration at 11 a.m. on Tuesday [6-17-2014] in front of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s downtown headquarters to protest City’s Hall’s “assault on collective bargaining” and “war on workers” and is urging other unions throughout the City to support […]

Los Angeles DWP Union Boss Opposes Riordan’s Pension Reform Plan

Campaign Funding IBEW Union Boss Brian d’Arcy, the imperious business manager of the Department of Water and Power’s politically powerful and domineering union, is not a happy camper with Mayor Riordan’s proposed plan to reform the DWP’s very generous and seriously unfunded pension plan. How dare Riordan try to circumvent him? After all, DWP is […]

Is the SEIU a ‘Racketeering-Influenced & Corrupt’ Enterprise?

In an almost unprecedented action, Sodexo USA, one of the nation’s largest food service and facilities management companies with over 120,000 employees, filed a civil lawsuit under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) against the 2.1 million member Service Employees International Union (the “SEIU”) in an effort “to stop the illegal campaign of […]