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When Will Conservative Candidates Stop Accepting Public Sector Union Money?

Part One: Tim Donnelly’s anti-union rhetoric doesn’t match his pro-union record: Public employee unions are a reliable target of California’s self-styled “patriot, not politician.” “California’s governor and legislature have shown a complete disregard for the needs of businesses and working families, and have instead caved to unions and special interest supporters,” Assemblyman Tim Donnelly writes […]

How Democrats Won the Supermajority: Party Laundering of Union Money

Everyone has an explanation for why the California Republican Party was dominated in the last election. Immigration, demographics, social issues, taxes, etc. But all the blathering has ignored the elephant in the room: money. Big business and big labor teamed up and spent big money to elect Democrats. And they used party central committees to […]

Democrat Committees, Unions Funneled Corporate Money to California Assembly Candidate

Editor’s Note: This investigative report authored by John Hrabe offers yet another compelling example of how public sector unions and corporate special interests collude to elect Democrats. Why? Because Democrats support more government and more taxes – especially when those taxes are used to fund the bloated payroll of a unionized government and the extravagant […]