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Teachers Unions Continue Their Assault on School Choice

CTA and CFT sponsor legislation that imperils charter schools in California. On April 27, Rasmussen Reports released the results of a poll which addresses American voters’ sentiments about our public schools. Some of the more interesting findings are: • 72% say taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth from our schools, while only 11% think […]

The Intersection of U Street and Main Street Does Not Exist

The teachers unions’ radical agenda alienates them from the American mainstream. As I mentioned in last week’s post, during the week of May 9th, the California Teachers Association and many local unions, like the United Teachers of Los Angeles, will be taking to the streets in an attempt to convince legislators and citizens that cuts […]

CTA Days of Desperation Coming to Your Town

Fearful of taking a financial hit, California Teachers Association will be taking to the streets and declaring a “state of emergency.” But I have some questions for them when the demagoguery begins. With California in a world of fiscal trouble and many people sick and tired of the unrealistic perks and benefits gained by collective […]

When the Anti-Bulliers Become the Bullies

California Teachers Association backs SB 48 – radical legislation that will reinterpret history, hurt children and cost the taxpayers money. As one who tries to keep up with the latest teacher union doings, a trip to the California Teachers Association legislative page is always illuminating. Recently, I found that the powerful teachers union testified in […]

NEA: We are One. We are everywhere. We are at war.

National Education Association declares war, but finding allies could be difficult. It’s hardly a secret that the National Education Association is an organization that has had its political way for the past 35 or so years. However, voters are fed up with the union’s attempts to keep a failing public education system from being reformed […]

Teacher Union Leaders Go Public and Confirm Their Fecklessness

Weingarten is schooled by WSJ’s Jason Riley; Van Roekel is clueless as usual. The National Education Association and the American Federation of teachers represent over 4.5 million teachers and educational support workers across the United States. These two unions have been under attack for the past few years by reformers who point to their slavish […]

Teachers Unions and Truth: Rarely Does the Twain Meet

Misinformation is at the heart of unionspeak. Public school teachers have been told for years that they are only respected by the general public because Big Union fights for them and gets them that respect. However, the opposite would appear to be true. America still loves its teachers…the good ones, that is. They don’t like […]

The NEA’s Influence on Sex Education Policy

NEA’s reprehensible sexual agenda goes on unabated and the MSM is MIA. At a time when teachers’ unions are battling for their collective bargaining lives, courtesy of Governors Scott Walker, Chris Christie, John Kasich et al., it’s hard to go a day without reading a newspaper account of the latest union news. However, there is […]

No Citizen Left Untaxed

NEA boss has it backwards when he claims that America cannot have a middle class without unions. Dennis Van Roekel, president of the National Education Association, America’s largest union, claims, “In actions more fitting for comic book arch-villains, a new crop of state leaders have launched blistering attacks on working families disguised as budget and […]

Deasy and Duffy: The Dinosaurs Amongst Us

School district and teacher union leaders need to embrace serious education reform or go the way of the Stegosaurus. My post last week concerned itself with the fact that some or even many teachers might lose their jobs come June due to the dire financial straits in which many school districts find themselves. The Los […]

RIFs, Grifters and Reality

Excessive teacher hiring invariably leads to layoffs; teachers need to understand this trap and protect themselves. We are now in the midst of RIF season. In California and elsewhere, when the economy is unstable, Reduction in Force (RIF) notices must go out to teachers by March 15th. These notices apprise teachers that they may be […]

Nervous Time for the Teachers Unions

Teacher union legal teams gear up for battles all over the country as union power is threatened. With the recent changing of the political guard in statehouses across the country, teachers unions appear to be in for a rough ride. As one state succeeds in passing reform legislation, another state is encouraged to follow suit […]

Tempest in a Seniority Teapot?

Does a recent court ruling in Los Angeles really signal the beginning of the end of an unjust teacher seniority system? Or does the decision amount to nothing more than a zero-sum game, favoring some at the expense of others? A recent “landmark decision” in Los Angeles is said to have made inroads into the […]

National Education Association: Big Union Bully on the Left

While anti-bullying programs for students are currently in vogue in our nation’s schools, teachers need to recognize that they too are being victimized. As president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network (CTEN), I talk to people about teachers and education all the time. Politically speaking, most people think that teachers are to the left of […]

Tribute, Turf Tax and the Teachers Unions

Before the Reformation, it was common for Europeans to pay Tribute to the Church. People across Europe would have to give something to Rome as a way of submitting to, or showing allegiance to, the church. Tribute in another form came about in the U.S. the 1920s when organized crime carved up cities and claimed […]

Education Reform – Teacher Union Style

Union leaders have nothing to offer in matters of education reform. In an absurd editorial, two Los Angeles Unified School District teachers last Friday — both United Teachers Los Angeles chapter chairs — wrote what was supposed to be, in part, a nastygram to LA’s Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The op-ed, entitled Pipe Down, Mr. Mayor […]

National Ebenezer Association

Scrooge-like National Education Association shows no sign of remorse. Once upon a time, school choice became a reality in our nation’s capital. The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which allowed some poor kids in D.C. to go to private schools with the help of a government stipend, was ushered in by a Republican controlled Congress in […]

Have Trigger Law – Will Organize

Shoot out in Compton is the beginning of a gun fight that promises to rival anything the Wild West has ever seen. Back in the 50s, like many kids, I was a huge fan of TV Westerns. I could not let a Gunsmoke, Have Gun-Will Travel or The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp go […]

A Charter School Needs a Union Like a Salad Needs Hemlock

Last month, teachers at Englewood on the Palisades Charter School in New Jersey decided to unionize. Then last Friday, Steve Gunn, director of Michigan’s Education Action Group, had an op-ed in the Newark, NJ-based Star-Ledger in which he rightfully laments the decision. Charter schools are public schools that are allowed to bypass many of the […]

A Tale of Two Unions

It is not the best of times for unionized workers in America. However, while some workers have become resigned to new post-recession economic realities, others seem to be living in a dream world of rigid and righteous entitlement. And not surprisingly, it seems to break down by sector — private and public. A case in […]

California Cities Begin to Dam the Pensions

As the U.S. began the process to stem the spending flood last Tuesday, it seemed that New York and California remained isolated and perhaps determined to drown in its own fiscal flood waters. The titles of articles on the subject are all you really need to know. The Two Left Coasts in the Wall Street […]

The Ugly Consequences of Forced Unionism

A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has become the biggest political spender in the 2010 election campaign – thus far having spent $87.5 million. Two other public employee unions have chipped in another $84 million (Service Employees International Union – $44 million and […]