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The Last Safe Places to Invest Are Dwindling

Editor’s Note:  In this analysis by economic strategist Michael Lebowitz, more evidence is presented that returns on investments, all of them, everywhere, are plateauing. Investors who are searching for yield can no longer turn to bonds, which have rates at or near zero, or in some cases, rates that are negative. Investors searching for yield can […]

The Fifteenth of August

July 4th – June 6th – September 11th – August 15th You likely associated the first three dates above with transformative events in U.S. history. August 15th, however, may have you scratching your head. August 15, 1971 was the date that President Richard Nixon shocked the world when he closed the gold window, thus eliminating […]

The Death of the Virtuous Economic Cycle

Despite many promises, there has been no sustainable economic recovery.  The United States, and the developed world for that matter, have made repetitive attempts over the last 16 years to return economic growth to the pace of years long past.  These nations are stuck in a cycle in which hopes for economic “escape velocity” get […]