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Clark County Nevada Commissioner Confronts Firefighters Union

Best wishes to Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak who is still justifiably after firefighters over fraudulent sick leave. Please consider Sisolak calls for investigation of firefighter sick leave: In 2009, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak began looking hard at Fire Department costs. He had received a deluge of angry calls and e-mails from constituents wondering […]

South Carolina Governor Confronts Unions

Congratulation go to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who made comments about South Carolina being a right-to-work state, and in the process essentially told unions to go to hell. She was a bit more polite than that, but not by much. Please consider Union sues over Haley’s remarks about Boeing plant South Carolina Gov. Nikki […]

California Does NOT Need A Tax Increase

Governor Brown has a budget shortfall of $28 billion. He seeks to get $12.5 billion from spending cuts. That is 44.6% of what needs to be done. Please consider California’s Brown Unveils $12.5 Billion in Spending Reductions California Governor Jerry Brown’s budget will cut spending by $12.5 billion, including as much as a 10 percent […]

Paycuts vs. Layoffs – Unions Sacrifice Their Own

Here is a story of a laid-off firefighter blaming the wrong thing for his woes. Meet Jason Pickering begging for money. “We took an oath to save people’s lives … and the city just threw us to the curb,” Jason Pickering told WGN-TV. The 34-year-old Pickering, a 10-year department veteran and one of 34 Gary […]

Solutions to Unionized Government

Please watch this CBS 60 Minutes interview on the crisis that states face. I have been talking about this for several years while most bloggers and nearly all of mainstream media have ignored the story. It is no longer possible to ignore the story. State Budgets: Day of Reckoning – CBS 60 Minutes Unlike the […]

Cincinnati Threatens to Outsource Police

Cincinnati, like every union-plagued city in the country is having huge budget problems over untenable union wages and pension benefits. Big problems call for big actions. I am pleased to report that several thinking members on the Cincinnati City Council proposed to outsource the entire police department to the local sheriff’s association. Unfortunately, the mayor […]

California Budget Cuts Coming – Expect Union Fearmongering

California’s “Fantasy Land” budget finally comes to light of day. Jerry Brown said “We’ve been living in fantasy land. I’m shocked. The mess is much worse than I thought.” In turn, educators and unions were shocked by Jerry Brown’s and state treasurer Bill Lockyer’s statements “cuts are coming”. Brown promised more cuts but no tax […]

CSEA Proves “It’s NOT About the Kids”

Anyone thinking clearly knows full well public unions are blatant liars when they request more money for schools under the pretense “It’s for the kids”. Well it’s NOT for the kids and CSEA moves to the top of the list in proving it. If it was “all about the kids” we would not see articles […]

Michigan Forbids City of Hamtramck to Seek Bankruptcy

A few days ago I noted Hamtramck, Michigan Seeks Bankruptcy. That Hamtramck is clearly bankrupt, unable to bay bills, saddled with unions salaries, pension promises that cannot be met, as well as other problems it desperately needs to get rid of without burdening taxpayers even more, is of no concern to the current governor of […]