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Ten Fallacies Used To Justify Opulent Government Pensions

There are many implicit rationalizations justifying paying generous government pensions. Here are my nominations for the top ten bogus excuses: 1. “Public employees deserve high pensions because of their low pay.” FALSE. Perhaps true at one time, but not anymore. In many instances, today’s government employees are earning 10%-30% more than their true private sector […]

Unionized Emergency Response Agencies – Featherbedding vs. Saving Lives?

I’ve been advocating for 2 man fire/emergency response teams since the tragic 2003 San Diego “Cedar” brush fire, when I first became interested in firefighting operational reforms. It’s simple — two 2-man teams properly stationed apart in one fire station’s “district” = shorter response times than one 4-man team. Because over 80% of the calls are […]