Covid Vaccination for Employment

February 10, 2022
Status: Did not pass




Assembly Bill 1993 proposes to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all private employers and contractors and threatens to take away jobs from all unvaccinated workers. This law would perpetuate shortsighted emergency policies and create unnecessary divisions in our political discourse. It would also allow the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to impose fines on employers who do not comply with the mandate. By depriving people of earning a living and punishing those who may have natural immunity, California will increase poverty and relegate workers to second-class status. Rather than end the Governor’s nearly 2 year declared state of emergency and put into place sound policies to thoughtfully mitigate future public health events and pandemics, the Legislature is intent on imperiling the employment, health care, recreation and education of most Californians where proof of a COVID-19 vaccination status is required.


Last Action

Bill withdrawn by author.