The mission of the California Policy Center is to secure a more prosperous future for all Californians
by identifying public sector policy barriers to freedom and economic growth, demonstrating how these
policies harm the well-being of countless Californians, and offering realistic alternative solutions.

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The California Policy Center publishes studies designed to provide quantitative, top-down financial information and analysis of California’s state and local government finances, including reports on total state and local government revenue and expenses, as well as total state and local government debt. Related areas of focus include reports on the solvency of public sector pension plans and public employee total compensation.

The California Policy Center also promotes the gathering of reliable and accurate information on the performance and challenges – both financial and operational – facing public education, public safety, government services, and public infrastructure projects. Other areas of focus include campaign finance and the impact of influential participants including corporate interests and public sector unions.

The California Policy Center aspires to provide information that will elevate and enlighten the public dialogue on these vital issues, with the goal of helping to foster constructive progress towards more equitable and sustainable management of California’s public institutions.



The California Policy Center is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity,
CA corp. # 3295222, Federal EIN 27-2870463.