The Janus Project

The Janus Project

It’s your paycheck. Union membership is your choice.

In 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued its landmark Janus decision, confirming that it’s unconstitutional for government employers to deduct union dues or fees from employee paychecks without the employee’s permission. In other words, no employee whose workplace is represented by a government union can be forced to pay any part of his or her paycheck to any union as a condition of employment.

Despite this clear ruling, California government unions and the politicians they support have conspired to keep employees and employers in the dark about their new Janus rights and obligations. For example, on June 27, 2018, the day of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision, California enacted union-authored legislation that has been interpreted as a ban on discussing Janus rights in the workplace. That, of course, is unconstitutional.

That’s why we need your help to inform employees and employers about their Janus rights.

A grassroots effort by concerned California residents has filled the void created by the political establishment’s silencing of this issue. In the links below, you’ll find Janus information materials to:

You can personalize the highlighted sections to reflect the workplaces, employers, and employees you’re targeting.

By understanding, exercising, and promoting these workplace rights, ordinary Californians can successfully challenge the vested interests of public unions and the politicians on their payroll that want to keep Californians in the dark when it comes to our rights to stop paying union dues and fees.

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