4th Edition Released: California Charter City Prevailing Wage Policies

California city council members who believe local government authority spurs economic growth and job creation more effectively than centralized state control now have access to the newly-published 4th edition of Are Charter Cities Taking Advantage of State-Mandated Construction Wage Rate (“Prevailing Wage”) Exemptions?

In 2009, an organization now known as the California Construction Compliance Group published the first edition of this comprehensive research report. It reviews the status of so-called “prevailing wage” policies at California state and local governments and explains how California’s 121 charter cities take advantage of their constitutional right to exercise local control by setting their own prevailing wage policies.

Needless to say, special interests that advocate for more intrusive centralized government detest this report. Union-instigated state laws have been enacted in an attempt to hinder its publication and circulation and neutralize the power of its information and arguments.

If you live or work in an incorporated city in California, you may want to consider providing this report to your elected city council members, top city administrators, and leaders of your city’s business and taxpayer organizations. That simple act can subvert millions of dollars spent on lobbying at the California state capitol.

Are Charter Cities Taking Advantage of State-Mandated Construction Wage Rate (“Prevailing Wage”) Exemptions? – 4th Edition – April 2014

Kevin Dayton is the President & CEO of Labor Issues Solutions, LLC, and is the author of frequent postings about generally unreported California state and local policy issues at www.laborissuessolutions.com. Follow him on Twitter at @DaytonPubPolicy.

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