Reporter's Notebook: CPC Offers Expert Help with Local School Bond Reporting

Reporter's Notebook: CPC Offers Expert Help with Local School Bond Reporting

For Immediate Release

September 23, 2016

California Policy Center

Contact: Will Swaim

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Well down the November ballot, obscured by the high-profile battle for the White House, Californians will find more than 100 local school bond measures representing hundreds of millions of dollars of new public debt.

“The bond process is like a rigged game of high-stakes poker,” says CPC president Ed Ring. “Taxpayers may have a seat at the table, but for years haven’t stood a chance against politicians, government union leaders, construction companies and investors colluding for political and financial gain.”

The California Policy Center’s government finance experts can help you show readers why these bond measures matter.

ED RING is president of the California Policy Center. He directs the organization’s research projects and is also the editor of the email newsletters Prosperity Digest and UnionWatch Digest. His work has been cited in the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other national and regional publications.

MARC JOFFE is a California Policy Center financial analyst. His research has been published by the California State Treasurer’s Office, the Mercatus Center and the Macdonald-Laurier Institute among others. Before starting PSCS, Marc was a senior director at Moody’s Analytics. He earned his MBA from New York University and his MPA from San Francisco State University.

KEVIN DAYTON authored the landmark study “For the Kids: California voters must become wary of borrowing billions from wealthy investors for educational construction.” That study tracked passage over 14 years of more than 900 California school bonds worth $146.1 billion, and inspired new law (AB 2116, signed this summer by Gov. Jerry Brown) that imposes limits and oversight of local bonds. He is a 1992 graduate of Yale University.


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