SB 897 – Overcomplicated Bill with Ulterior Motives

Introduced Jan 03, 2024
Status: Assigned To Assembly Committee






While the opportunity to better accommodate children’s educational needs should always be expanded, Sen. Josh Newman’s SB 897 not only overcomplicates the process, but has all the hallmarks of a spot bill waiting to be dramatically amended when the public isn’t paying attention. If he were serious about choice, he could simply dissolve district boundaries and let every child go to the public school that works best for them.

When Sen. Newman decides he’s ready to amend the bill with substantial language, parent advocates will be better able to provide feedback about his proposal. Until then, a critic might see this as a veiled effort to leverage disadvantaged children and use them as political pawns at the behest of his benefactors, the anti-choice teachers unions.

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Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee