California's 113 Educational Bond Measures – Preliminary Election Results

Based on preliminary reports from county elections offices as of November 5, 2014, this list of the 113 proposed bond measures on the November 4 ballot is ranked based on the percentage of voters (in the yellow column) who approved borrowing the indicated amount of money for school construction (in the green column) through bond sales. To pass, these bond measures need 55% approval.

2014-11 Results - Educational Bond Measures on November 4, 2014 California Ballot - RANKED BY PASSAGE

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  1. Fritz says:

    With $11 billion in new school funds, does anyone expect an improvement in education? No, every close observer knows that education does not improve with money. Rather, the application of dedicated teachers (which implies weeding out those who are not) and the attention of interested parents (why shouldn’t all parents be interested) are the best means of creating quality education for our children. The brick and mortar we spend so much time admiring have little to do with student accomplishment.

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