Fixing California: The complete series

Fixing California: The complete series

In this nine-part series, Edward Ring, a contributing editor for the California Policy Center, tackles California’s greatest challenges and opportunities, laying out solutions that will ensure its residents have the resources they need to prosper for generations to come.

“Consider California in 2050, with the people fulfilling every bit of their potential and realizing their aspirations, because back in the 2020s and 2030s, Californians had the foresight to invest in massive but practical projects and transformative but sensible policies,” Ring writes. “This is the prosperity economy. This is the opportunity to advocate today. This is the choice. Anything is possible.”

Part one: The themes that make anything possible

Part two: The electric age

Part three: Achieving water abundance

Part four: The transportation revolution

Part five: Affordable market housing

Part six: Homelessness and law enforcement

Part seven: Forest management

Part eight: Restoring quality education

Part nine: The prosperity economy

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