Gasping Dinosaurs – Unions in 2010

Gasping Dinosaurs – Unions in 2010

History has taught us the threat of extinction invokes a strange caged animal affect on fraudsters in governments, businesses and institutions that face obsolescence or have outlived their usefulness. The passing of fascism and decline of communism because of their oppression of human rights, and the demise of passenger railroads and land line telephones due to the invention of superior technology are examples of “modern dinosaurs” that have become all but extinct. Labor unions are fast approaching the status of the relics mentioned above, because of their inability to adapt to modern business and the oppressive tactics which ultimately restrict personal freedoms. Labor unions are even more desperate in light of the November elections, which eliminated almost any possibility of passage for the Employee Free Choice Act (a.k.a. Card Check) through Congress in the near future (See EFCA Update).

Unfortunately, Big Labor has a powerful friend in the executive branch of government. Despite the fact that over 70% of the American population is against “Card Check,” as supported by voters overwhelming approval of special ballots in four states protecting secret ballot elections in the Nov. 2nd elections (See Union Card Checkmate).

The Obama administration seems determined to support Big Labor’s agenda, by forcing their will upon the American people under the disingenuous disguise of social justice. In reality, this is nothing more than a power grab. Recent polls expose that even union rank and file membership is becoming dissatisfied with the union’s use of their membership money for political purposes and the attempt of forced unionism on non-union employees and companies (See Union Members Not Happy with their Leaders Political Spending and Union Members Overwhelmingly Oppose Union Boss Political Spending on 2010 Midterm Elections).

What is truly amazing is that unions and the Obama administration continue the attempt to force unionism on the country despite the fact that roughly 12% of the workforce is unionized. Doesn’t that in itself send a resounding message of what Americans think? Apparently not. Somehow they interpret and spin this into a situation where all Americans really want unions but companies are bad and intimidate, coerce and bribe employees in order to force them to reject what they really want — unionism. The corporate recognition campaign run by the SEIU against EMS as chronicled in The Devil at My Doorstep illustrates the true interests and intentions of labor unions. They did not try to organize the people, but instead attempted to impose forced unionism on the business, because they knew they could not win elections. The SEIU restricted its campaign to buildings of 70,000 square feet or more and only in certain counties within the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Why would they do this when their “supposed” altruistic claims were for social justice to improve working conditions for all janitors? The answer is simple, smaller buildings did not meet their business model and would not bring in enough dues and income from benefit programs to be worth the time and expense. What is truly striking about this is that evidently none of the employees from smaller companies, smaller buildings or surrounding counties ever reached out to the SEIU and asked to be represented. Curious, isn’t it?

Additionally, since the SEIU forced unionized companies through public ridicule in Indianapolis three years ago, they have lost market share. None of the employees from non-unionized companies, smaller buildings, or metropolitan counties have come forward and requested to be represented, and several unionized buildings have since become non-union. Also, the SEIU has failed to unionize additional companies, despite the fact their contracts specifically state they will keep union membership at or above the 60% level for buildings over 70,000 square feet or the contract can be re-opened (this is currently in progress). If unionization was so great, you would think janitors from all over the Indianapolis metropolitan area would be beating the SEIU’s doors down, but they’re not. This scenario is being played out all over the country. Not just for the SEIU, but with labor unions in general. The dinosaurs are gasping for air (members) and the politicians who are supporting them are scared to death they are going to lose their money pump and cushy high paying jobs. November 2nd’s election magnified the dilemma faced by unions, and along with their buddies in the White House, they are determined to use everything at their disposal to force unionism down the collective throats of the American people, all for the sake of power. (See A Tough Night for Unions). Despite Card Check being in its death throws, unions and the Obama administration are not going to allow their power base to decline without a fight (See Labor Relations Insight). Don’t believe it? Please read the following litany of initiatives and prepare to defend yourself.

Paycheck Fairness Act

More Business Regulations

NLRB Set to Reverse Decision that Protects Employees from Forced Unionism

NLRB Burdens Employers with Compound Interest

SEIU Uses Member Dues for Politics?

NLRB Loads Up On Employers

EFCA “Lite”?

Unions Look Past Card Check

DOL Proposing Burdensome Reporting Requirements for Business

EFCA by Appointment?

Public Sector Pensions

Nurses Union Out of Touch

Union Bosses Tyrants?

NLRB will Challenge Every Business Win

Unions Given Proxy Gift?

Anti-Business Decisions

Back to the Future?

1910 LA Times Bombing

Will the SEIU Survive?

UAW Scorched Earth

End Right to Work

UAW Local Costs 650 Jobs in Indiana

Still the Same, SEIU Refocuses Under Harry SEIU To Refocus Under Henry

Labor Leader Hints at Possible Lame Duck Vote on Union Bill

DOL Supports Big Labor

Dems Deserting Unions?

About the author: David A. Bego is the President and CEO of EMS, an industry leader in the field of environmental workplace maintenance, employing nearly 5000 workers in thirty-three states. Bego is the author of “The Devil at My Doorstep,” based on his experiences fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today.

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