Listen: Does weed make you conservative?

New episode of the Radio Free California podcast is out!

By Editorial Staff
June 24, 2021

In this week’s episode of National Review’s Radio Free California podcast, California Policy Center’s Will Swaim and David Bahnsen talk about one of the most quintessential California topics: Weed. Though his experiment to legalize the drug seems to be failing (the pot industry blames government), Governor Gavin Newsom is testing out a new program: The nation’s first state reparations committee. Is racism inherent in Democratic policies? In other race-related news, Google is paying millions to social justice organizations in exchange for their support in the company’s plans to build a new facility in San Jose. In other California political news, Congressional Republicans say the state should send back the $27 billion it received as part of Biden’s unnecessary bailout of states. Will and David also discuss pending litigation over a California law requiring publicly traded California companies to include women on their boards. Listen to this episode and more at National Review.