Listen: New episode of the Radio Free California Podcast is out!

By Will Swaim
May 28, 2021

California Policy Center’s own Will Swaim and David Bahnsen are at it again with their latest episode of National Review’s Radio Free California podcast. In this week’s episode, they discuss a barnyard metaphor used by a Santa Clara County official to describe the tawdry relationship between government unions and the politicians they elect. Of course, it wouldn’t be a California podcast without a discussion on the United Teachers Los Angeles, which is blasting Israel and ignoring Hamas (and, you know, ignoring 600,000+ students still largely stuck at home). Will and David chat about California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s latest attempt to destroy the livelihoods of small-business franchise owners as she did with freelancers via her destructive AB5 legislation. And, you thought the Coronavirus was deadly? Wait until you hear about San Francisco’s drug problem. Finally,  Assemblyman Kevin Kiley was right: Gavin Newsom violated state law requiring a vote on his replacement; you won’t believe what’s next. Music by Mealachi. Listen to the episode here.