Los Angeles Public vs. Charter Schools: New Study Compares Cost Per-Pupil and Educational Achievement

Sacramento, California
June 3, 2015
Contact: Jordan Bruneau
(916) 258-2396

Los Angeles Public vs. Charter Schools: New Study Compares Cost Per-Pupil and Educational Achievement

California Policy Center report concludes that per-pupil costs are lower and educational achievement is higher at Los Angeles Unified School District charter schools

SACRAMENTO — Today, the California Policy Center released a new study exploring the cost and educational achievement of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) public schools and Alliance College Ready Public Schools, a network of charter schools within LAUSD. The report, co-authored by Marc Joffe, principal consultant at Public Sector Credit Solutions and former Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics, concludes:

  • Charter schools have a lower cost per-pupil than public schools: Per-pupil costs for Alliance charter high school students is $10,649, a 44 percent differential from the $15,372 per-pupil cost for district public schools.
  • Charter schools have higher educational achievement than public schools: In a comparison of the educational achievement between nine LAUSD and nine Alliance charter schools located in the same neighborhood with virtually identical student demographics, the students at the charter schools have:
    • Higher Academic Performance Index (API) scores (762 vs. 701)
    • Higher graduation rates (91.5% vs. 84.1%)
    • Higher normalized SAT scores (1417 vs. 1299)

To read the full report, click here.

“These findings confirm what Los Angeles parents already know: Charter schools can provide a better education for their kids than public schools,” said Ed Ring, executive director at the California Policy Center and the co-author of the report. “The rapidly growing enrollment at charter schools is a threat that teachers unions are evidently unwilling to face without a fight; but rather than improve their product at public schools, they are looking to infiltrate charter schools, at the expense of both children and taxpayers.”

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