Obama Empowers Unions via Executive Orders

Obama Empowers Unions via Executive Orders

Just as the leopard cannot change its spots, President Obama cannot change his philosophical socialistic beliefs. It is amazing that close to 50% of the American public still cannot see past his thin veneer and continue to listen to his admittedly graceful rhetoric. Unfortunately, much as the spots are imbedded to the leopard, so too are Obama’s philosophical beliefs. The following two events clearly expose his willingness to deceive and his continued attempt to hide his true agenda to radically transform America into a socialistic and eventually totalitarian country.

The first of these events was Executive Order 13563, “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review“. At first glance this appears to be a legitimate attempt to reign in government, but in fact it is nothing more than a disingenuous cover for the true agenda as expresses by the skepticism of business allies in Obama Launches Rule Review, Pledging to Spur Jobs, Growth and White House Embarks on Regulatory Overhaul.  As this Executive Order was being written, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), controlled by Obama’s recessed appointments Craig Becker and Mark Pierce,  proposed several regulation changes as described in  the following articles: National Labor Relations Board: Strong Arming for the Union Thugs, Steps Union-Free Employers Must Take Now in Response to the Pro-Union Agenda Currently Being Pursued at the NLRB, Union Bosses Go After Property Holders, Businesses & Girl Scouts and NLRB Proposed Workplace Notice Likely to Spark Uptick in Union Activity. It is evident that Obama is once again using sleight of hand to disguise what is transpiring behind the scenes.

Second, this past week two Obama appointees once again proposed rule changes to accomplish the agenda of Obama’s buddies in big labor, but who is pulling the strings… The Puppet or Puppeteer? The Department of Labor issued a rule requiring disclosure by companies of independent consultants providing communications on behalf of employers designed to persuade workers of organizing or collective bargaining rights (See New Rule Proposed On Employers’ Use Of Union Consultants). The rule inexplicably is designed to penalize employers while unions are not subject to the same rules. Two days later,  the rogue NLRB (see Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB.) proposed a Plan to Ease Way for Unions through the reduction of the time period for elections following  a union petition from 42 days to 10 days or less. These rules will tilt the playing field in favor of unions, whether they are processing Corporate campaigns against companies (as related in The Devil at My Doorstep) or are attempting the traditional election route where employers, under new rules, would never have an opportunity to defend themselves or educate employees to the impending forced unionism as described in Obama’s Forced Unionization Program. All of this is taking place while the President is touting the debt ceiling crisis, Afghanistan troop withdrawal, and release of national oil reserves to ease fuel prices.

If people with open minds would remove the rose-colored glasses and earplugs and observe Obama’s  actions  instead of his rhetoric, it would be obvious to them that Obama has no intention of changing his ways and will continue to press his socialistic agenda through fiat. Recent events where the NLRB Shows Bias – Again are indicative of his agenda to suppress American freedoms under the cover of darkness.

Obama cannot help who he is, as described in He Is What He Despises. Indoctrinated by unions, his internal instinct and narcissism are much like the Gasping Dinosaurs,  and he will continue to advance his perverted agenda through the Net Neutrality End Run and EPA, see EPA to Set Modest Pace for Greenhouse Gas Standards); the Department of Labor, see Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act; Interpretation of the ‘‘Advice’’ Exemption; or through the NLRB, see National Labor Relations Board or NBLR – National Big Labor Resuscitation.  Like a leopard he can’t change his spots and his handlers will assure it will continue to be Unions versus Business Obama-Style resulting in continued high unemployment unless the American people take a stand against these attacks on personal freedoms and the free market system.

About the author: David A. Bego is the President and CEO of EMS, an industry leader in the field of environmental workplace maintenance, employing nearly 5000 workers in thirty-three states. Bego is the author of “The Devil at My Doorstep,” based on his experiences fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today.

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