CPC’s Parental Rights Rally

CPC’s Parental Rights Rally

Parents and parent groups from across California joined together for CPC’s “A Line in the Sand — A Rally for Parental Rights” on September 26th. Nearly 400 people came out to Rancho Madera Community Park in Simi Valley the evening before the Republican Presidential Primary Debate to let the candidates know that parental rights is a priority issue for California voters.

CPC’s Lance Christensen and RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar emceed the rally, which featured a powerful lineup of speakers including:

  • Sonja Shaw, Chino Valley Unified Board President
  • Jill Simonian, PragerUkids.com
  • Amy Bohn, PERK
  • Jessica Tapia, Our Watch
  • Jennifer Kennedy, Attorney
  • Rebecca Friedrichs, For Kids & Country
  • Karen Frost and Martha Aguilera, Moms for Liberty
  • Barbie George, Moms for America
  • Roxanne Beckford Hoge, Actress
  • Alex Balekian, MD, ICU Physician
  • Sophia Lorey, Outreach Director, California Family Council
  • Patrick Lee Gipson, Retired LA County Sheriff’s Deputy
  • @Mario_Presents, Community Organizer
  • Jordan Henry, Parent Advocate, Glendale
  • Lusine Kirakosyan, Parent Advocate, LAUSD
  • Mailyn Salabarria, Parents Defending Education
  • Tracy Schroeder, Teacher
  • Lori Mills, Host of Uncover California
  • Gustavo Vargas, El Diálogo Libre


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