The California Policy Center produces studies (ref. CPC Studies) designed to provide quantitative, top-down financial information and analysis of California’s state and local government finances, including reports on total state and local government revenue and expenses, as well as total state and local government debt. Related areas of focus include reports on the solvency of public sector pension plans and public employee total compensation. The CPPC also produces studies designed to explore the challenges and opportunities – both financial and operational – facing public education, public safety, government services, and public infrastructure projects. Other areas of focus include campaign finance and the impact of influential participants including corporate interests and public sector unions. CPPC studies are calibrated to provide more depth than a typical investigative report in a newspaper, while remaining as concise as possible in order to provide a useful, accessible reference for readers who may not be specialists in these areas.


    The California Policy Center maintains current information on crucial issues of California’s state and local public sector finance and public policy. These resources include Compensation Data, State Pension Reform Efforts, Local Pension Reform Efforts, Union Reform Efforts, Downloadable Spreadsheets, and Research for Reformers including key legal, financial and policy briefs on these vital topics. The content on these pages is regularly updated and expanded. The goal is to provide a convenient and comprehensive educational resource for anyone researching public sector compensation, pension and union reform options.


    Launched in June 2013, the Prosperity Forum provides analysis and commentary on policies to accelerate California’s economic growth. Featuring long and short-form material from experts throughout California and the U.S., the emphasis is on positive, optimistic, actionable ideas across a broad array of topics including energy development and education reform. This material is also available as an email newsletter, the Prosperity Digest, which is distributed on the 1st and 15th of every month – subscribe here.


    The CPPC has created a resource to collect and distribute educational material of use to any unionized government employee who wants to exercise their rights to opt-out, starting with teachers. These pages provide information for members of the California Teachers Assocation, California Federation of Teachers, and United Teachers of Los Angeles. California Teacher Freedom is a cooperative project of the California Policy CenterCalifornia Teachers Empowerment NetworkAmerican Association of Educators, and Nevada Policy Research Institute to educate public-sector professionals about their options as employees of unionized government workplaces. If you are a unionized public employee who is interested in becoming a religious objector, you can find educational material on that option at


    UnionWatch was established in 2010 as an educational project of the California Policy Center to conduct research and provide information resources to voters, members of the press, educators and policymakers on the impact of unions on government budgets, government accountability, the economy and the democratic process. While UnionWatch endeavors to report and analyze national and international impacts of unions, the emphasis is on the impact of public sector unions, especially in California. The email newsletter, UnionWatch Digest, which includes UnionWatch Highlights (links to the top stories available online over the past week reporting on union activity including legislation, financial impact, reform activism, etc., from California and across the USA) is distributed every Wednesday – subscribe here.

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