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The Abundance Choice: The Complete Series

The Abundance Choice: The Complete Series

Note: This webpage is dedicated to the complete The Abundance Choice series by Edward Ring.

In this series, Edward Ring, a contributing editor and senior fellow with the California Policy Center, examines California’s ongoing water crisis and the many years of failed water policies that got us here. Ring outlines the challenges facing California’s leaders and provides practical solutions for ensuring Californians have access to the water resources they need for generations to come in this insightful series, “The Abundance Choice.”

Part One: California’s Failing Water Policies

Part Two: The Problems with Indoor Water Rationing

Part Three: The Mechanics of Ballot Initiatives

Part Four: Crafting a Water Initiative

Part Five: The Fractured Farmers

Part Six: Biased, Hostile Media

Part Seven: An Environmentalist Juggernaut

Part Eight: The Union Factor

Part Nine: Reservoirs Are Part of the Solution

Part Ten: Time to Stop Wasting Wastewater

Part Eleven: The Desalination Option

Part Twelve: Fighting Scope Insensitivity

Part Thirteen: The Lords of Scarcity

Part Fourteen: Infinite Abundance

Part Fifteen: Our Fight for More Water

This complete series, “The Abundance Choice – Our Fight for More Water in California,” with the addition of an introduction and epilogue, an appendix that compiles all the data charts in one place, and footnotes, is available in paperback and Kindle formats, and can be purchased here.

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