Union Stealth Candidates Infiltrating Republican Primaries

Union Stealth Candidates Infiltrating Republican Primaries

Unable to circumvent the public will through intimidation and threats to stop Right To Work (RTW) in Indiana and Collective Bargaining overhaul in Wisconsin, the Gasping Dinosaur’s and their liberal allies are now using disingenuous rhetoric and “stealth” candidates to infiltrate the Republican Party. On the eve of the Indiana primary, it has become evident that Big Labor has taken the position “if you can’t beat them, infiltrate them!” The actions of the Lunch Pail Republicans provide further evidence of this position.

Illinois IUOE Local 150 Chieftain David Fagan created anti-Right To Work organization he calls “Lunch Pail Republicans” (LPR). They claimed to have formed under the motto “We are Indiana Republicans who are focused on providing for ourselves and our families, protecting our rights and our property from intrusion.” Yet, LPR’s mission is to return the power of union officials and to forcibly confiscate individual employees’ paychecks, contradicting their own introduction as previously quoted (see  Illinois Union Official David Fagan of the Indiana Lunch Pail Republicans).

It is now more obvious than ever that Right to Work was both appropriate and necessary (see Big Labor Bosses Demonstrate Why RTW is Necessary – Shame on Them!).

Not only are the Democrats in sheep’s clothing being inserted into Republican primaries, but desperate Republican incumbents are actually buying into this masquerade. Evidence of this can be seen in Indiana with our own U.S. Senator Dick Lugar. While I know, like, and respect the honorable Senator Dick Lugar, and while I share a similar background, and have had the opportunity to meet him at various functions as well as in his office in Washington, and while it is unquestioned that the Senator has done great things for the State of Indiana and the United States during his political career, it is clear to me that time has passed him by. It is time for him to retire on his own volition, because he clearly no longer has the ability or drive to fight the good fight. His strong suit has always been Statesmanship, which has turned into softness at a time when strong leadership is paramount! Unfathomably, he is determined to carry on even if it means selling his soul to the devil. Recently, the Senator announced, in a move of desperation, that he was accepting the support of Big Labor to win re-election. Is this Dick Lugar’s Political Twilight? It would appear so!

Unfortunately, the Senator isn’t the only candidate recruited by the Lunch Pail Republicans. There is a long list of Democrats (listed below) that snuck into the Republican primary. If elected, these individuals, will instantly revert to an everyday Democrat in the fall, and continue the assault on right to work and the restoration of collective bargaining monopolies for their friends in Big Labor (see Right to Work Is A Basic American Freedom).  It is sad that the unions and the liberal politicians have to stoop to such tactics. It is apparent that, because they have nothing to sell the voting public, they are willing to resort to win-at-all-costs big labor tactics as chronicled in the  The Devil at Our Doorstep. Shamefully, they have become the “regressive,” instead of “progressive” party.  Please keep these facts and the names below in mind tomorrow when you do your patriotic duty and vote for the future of this great state and country! Tomorrow, Retire Dick Lugar along with the other RINO’s!

To view a list of Lunch Pail Republicans, see Lunch Pail Candidates and those listed below:

John Merlau

Debbie Driskell

Tim Motzinger

About the author: David A. Bego is the President and CEO of EMS, an industry leader in the field of environmental workplace maintenance, employing nearly 5000 workers in thirty-three states. Bego is the author of “The Devil at My Doorstep,” as well as the just released sequel, “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” based on his experiences fighting back against one of the most powerful unions in existence today.

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