The winner of  Week 33 of the Prop 65 photo contest is Danielle Smith (mrsnellie08) for her eye catching and amusing post on yet another irony of California Proposition 65.   Companies that process canned foods line their cans with BPA for a very good reason – BPA prevents the growth of botulism which is a deadly poison. Botulism paralyzes breathing and if untreated leads to death or permanent nerve damage.  California’s decision to warn about reproductive harm is based on FDA tests in which rodents were fed massive dosages of BPA (equivalent to a human consuming 264,000 cans of food per day for a lifetime). The FDA concluded from these tests that there was insufficient evidence to treat BPA as a developmental toxicant to humans . The Environmental Protection Agency conducted additional tests this time using human subjects and found that unlike rodents, BPA is not even retained by humans.  Nonetheless the warning is required – only by Crazy California!