Week 7 Entries

Week 7 Entries

Proposition 65 Photo Contest

For anyone who has wondered if it is really possible to win our weekly Proposition 65 contest more than once, the answer is clearly, yes. Our Week # 7 winner, Shanae Chester, also won Weeks 1, 4, and 5. Her Week #7 entry is both adorable and ludicrous. It features the warning that all California restaurants and bakeries must now post. Her baby’s expression says it all. The cancer and birth defect causing chemical that is the subject of the warning is acrylamide. The chemical forms whenever a starch like that found in potatoes, grains (flour, cornmeal, oatmeal), and even coffee beans is heated above 250°F. If you take this warning to heart, your own kitchen is a cancer and birth defect producing factory as acrylamide forms whenever you bake, roast, grill, broil, sauté, or fry foods that contain starch. Toasting bread is a particularly high-risk activity.

Shanae now has four entries in the best of 52 week contest under which the winner receives the grand prize of $1,000.


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