Week 9 Entries

Week 9 Entries

The winner of this week’s #Prop65Contest is Contessa Mendoza (curvy_doll13) for her photograph of the absolutely absurd warning that California requires sunglass makers to place on their  products. Her amusing caption points out the Hobson choice – protect her eyes or contract cancer. Actually, the warning she pictured is required on all glasses that use light weight plastic lens (in contrast to glass), which is found in virtually all glasses these days. The plastic contains BPA, which California believes causes reproductive issues and birth defects. Metal framed glasses typically contain nickel, which California maintains causes cancer.  It would seem that seeing is just another activity that is not safe in California.   


Contessa, who was also the winner of week #6,  wins $100 for this week and a second entry into the best of 52 week contest under which the winner receives the grand prize of $1,000.

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