SB 1203 – Establishes Student Education Flex Accounts and Special Education Flex Accounts

Introduced Feb 15, 2024
Status: Assigned To Senate Committee






Senate Bill 1203 would establish Education Flex Accounts (EFA) and Special Education Flex Accounts (SEFA) for any child who desires to seek an education outside of a public school using general fund dollars that would have otherwise been allocated to their education if they were attending their traditional neighborhood school. During the first year after the act is operative, based on parent or guardian income, $8,000 will be available to each student, and $16,000 will be available to students with special needs, to be used toward tuition and education expenses at an accredited private school of their choice. The annual amount will be adjusted each year, with the program expanding to families of all income levels after 4 years.

Since the Governor’s Proposed January Budget Summary for 2024-25 anticipates spending $17,653 in state and local funds for each child in a traditional public school, EFAs and SEFAs will save the state money.

Parents should have the tools and resources necessary to provide the best education opportunities for their kids regardless of their zip code, and they will have those resources should they decide to participate in this program.

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Last Action

Referred to Senate Committee on Education and Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation.