While Retired City Manager Golfs, New Americans in El Monte Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Over a fourth of El Monte’s residents live in poverty, but, among public-sector workers poverty is unlikely. Retired City Manager James Mundessen told the LA Times that he personally receives $216,000 a year in retirement – an amount that finances a lavish lifestyle that includes golfing trips in Scotland. Mundessen is one of eight city officials collecting over $200,000 per year.

Government Unions and the Bankrupting of America

California Treasurer Bill Lockyer on Public Sector Union Influence

“It’s impossible for this legislature to reform the pension system and if we don’t we bankrupt the state. And I don’t think anybody can do it here because of who elected you.”

SEIU Spokesperson Threatening California Lawmakers with Union Retaliation

“We helped to get you into office, and we got a good memory, and come November, if you don’t back our program we’ll help to get you out of office.”

Give up the bucks!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie explains how public sector unions control politicians

“My argument is with the union who collects $730 per year from every teacher and school employee in the union in mandatory dues. And if you don’t want to join the union, here’s your option, you pay 85% of $730 to be out… That raisese for the teachers union $130 million per year for an army of lobbyists in the state house – every time there’s a bill that affects public education there’s five lobbyists from the union sitting there staring down those legislators in case they dare to disagree.”

“The teachers union is about the accumulation and exercise of raw power. The fight is about who is going to run public education in New Jersey – the parents and the people the elect, or the mindless faceless union leaders who decide that they’re going to be the ones who run it because they have the money and the authority to bully around school boards and local councils.”

Armand Thieblot on Public Sector Unions (part 1)

If wage demands and pension and health benefits of unionized public employees are not derailed from their current path, public unionism by itself will more than likely bankrupt most of the states and the nation as a whole.

Armand Thieblot on Public Sector Unions (part 2)

Colorado Teachers Unions Abuse Non-Union Teacher Paychecks

“Why to our laws allow school employee and other unions have such power over worker’s paychecks, to take money without showing the respect to simply ask first?”