Here we go again …

Chantal Lovell

Communications Director

Chantal Lovell
July 12, 2021

Here we go again …

Randi Weingarten is once again trying to gaslight the American public.

First, she ludicrously claimed teachers unions had actually been fighting to reopen schools – not keep them closed – since April 2020.

Now, she’s trying to fool parents into thinking assignments titled “Why I’m a racist” and “White savior complex” aren’t critical race theory. They’re just part of the “accurate history” teachers unions have vowed to bring to every classroom nationwide. 

Weingarten’s got chutzpah, but not so much credibility.

While claiming K-12 schools aren’t teaching CRT, the union president’s comments to union members suggest otherwise. This week, she said the union is prepared to go to court to defend teachers who defy the growing number of state bans on the teaching of critical race theory, and claimed opponents of CRT are just bullies. The union also continued its recent obsession with this fringe theory, featuring it prominently at their annual conference, where CRT proponent and “How to be an antiracist”  author Ibram X. Kendi was the headline speaker. The activist believes America is inherently racist, and that anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this and actively work to dismantle its systems is also a racist. 

“One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist. There is no in-between safe space of ‘not racist.’ The claim of ‘not racist’ neutrality is a mask for racism,” he said in his book. 

The National Education Association appears equally committed to teaching CRT, passing a resolution at its annual meeting over the weekend solidifying its union’s commitment to incorporate the theory into curriculum nationwide. The resolution – which has since been scrubbed from the union’s website along with others related to race, and those calling for mandatory vaccines of students – details the union’s plans to teach CRT in schools, and to “fight back” against those who oppose it. 

Parents and students have increasingly made headlines for their impassioned pleas to school boards not to teach the destructive curriculum, and the NEA’s new resolution will allocate $127,600 to silence them. The NEA also committed $56,500 to “research” organizations like the Heritage Foundation that are working to prevent CRT from being taught in schools, “and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators.”

To date, over half the states are considering bills to ban the teaching of critical race theory, understanding that it leads to divisiveness among students, lower self esteem at critical points in childhood development, and takes time away from teaching core subjects in which students are already struggling. Nine states have finalized the ban. 

Consistent with teachers unions’ move to shy away from calling the new curricula what it is, instead favoring more benign labels like “ethnic studies,” the California Department of Education approved a new ethnic studies curriculum earlier this year. They did so despite over 100,000 objections — many concerned with the inclusion of critical race theory. 

“The teachers unions are great at creating propaganda,” Tustin parent Syndie Ly, a friend of CPC’s Parent Union, told Fox News. “They try to say it’s all about diversity and inclusion and teaching kids the true American history. Yet the question is, who decides what the real or true American history is? … Critical race theory is designed for us not to like each other, for us to be divisive, so we must fight back.”

To stay up-to-date on what’s being taught in schools and to connect with other parents and concerned community members, be sure to join CPC’s Parent Union today. Teachers who don’t want to fund the teaching of CRT, or the harassment of parents like Syndie Ly who are pushing back, can opt-out of paying union dues by visiting

Quote of the week

“It should be called ‘critical race training’ because when practiced, it leads to discrimination, disempowerment, and victimhood by virtue of race. Parents need to demand from their school districts to see what’s in the curriculum. At my school district, Tustin Unified School District, we were told there were no plans to incorporate critical race theory, yet the kids in high school were given an assignment called ‘white savior complex.’” – Syndie Ly, speaking with Fox News

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