Newsletter: A pandemic won’t stop CA lawmakers from doing what they do best!

Chantal Lovell

Communications Director

Chantal Lovell
April 19, 2021

Newsletter: A pandemic won’t stop CA lawmakers from doing what they do best!

Even tax day isn’t normal this year: Uncle Sam is giving us an additional month to make good on what we owe the feds. But California lawmakers haven’t let this pesky pandemic stop them from doing what they do best: trying to raise taxes. 

The California Chamber of Commerce added three bills –all seeking to raise taxes on high earners -–to its growing “2021 Job Killer List,” and is urging Sacramento lawmakers to heed their warnings, lest more businesses pack up and move to states more welcoming to job creators. 

The impact is a familiar story: California politicians and bureaucrats implement anti-business policies or raise taxes, and job-creators and the people they employ leave. California Policy Center’s Brandon Ristoff writes this week about the growing likelihood that California’s scenic weather and temperate climate may not be enough to keep businesses and residents from relocating to nearby Rocky Mountain states that are actively competing for business, especially as the virtual workforce grows.

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