It’s Friday which means the legislature has tried to sneak through another horrendous bill before the Superbowl steals the spotlight and news cycle. 

But while they are ironically moving full steam ahead on the biggest sports event in the past 3 years,  – they also are contemplating forcing every unvaccinated Californian out of their jobs. 

AB 1993 , introduced today, would require all employers to only hire people who are vaccinated against Covid-19, even if they are an independent contractor.  

I’m not kidding. Our legislature is considering the king of all job killing bills. 

It’s for times like these that the California Policy Center has been preparing for. As such, we redesigned our website and added a tool to help you know about the most pressing and interesting bills making their ways through the legislative process. The tool also gives you an opportunity to contact your legislator and let them know how this would impact your livelihood with only a few clicks. 

The state assembly clearly has no idea what it takes to run a small business in California – or they just don’t care. 

Sign the petition or send a message to your lawmaker.  Please also share this information and tool with your colleagues and friends.