Press Advisory: Project Veritas

Lance Christensen

Vice President, Education Policy & Government Affairs

Lance Christensen
August 31, 2021

Press Advisory: Project Veritas

August 31, 2021 – Natomas USD, Calif. – Today Project Veritas released a video showing his an Advanced Placement U.S. Government teacher in Natomas Unified School District boasting about radicalizing high school students through his involvement with the extremist Antifa group.



California Policy Center’s Executive Vice President, Lance Christensen, offered the following response:

“Parents send their children off to their neighborhood public schools expecting them to receive an education and learn their civic duties, not be indoctrinated by extremist teachers pushing radical, personal agendas in the classroom.

Every parent and taxpayer should be concerned by Project Veritas’ findings that show a California teacher using indoctrination and fearmongering to encourage students to become revolutionaries and add to the further destruction of California. To have an advanced placement government teacher not only misunderstand their role but determined to groom other people’s children in the classroom is reprehensible.

We trust that as the district administration will act swiftly and appropriately to restore the trust of their parents and the students they serve. And if they cannot, we ask they provide students impacted by these kinds of teachers to move to a school that respects their rights as parents.

Students deserve to be educated by one of the many teachers that are honest arbiters of information and honor the trust parents have placed in them by teaching students about our representative system of government that respects differing opinions, intense debate and the rule of law.”

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