California Pols Lose Touch with Reality over Affirmative-Action Ruling

By Will Swaim
In doing so, they ignore the real scandal in the state’s education system. *     *     * Among the weirdest reactions to the Supreme Court’s June 29 decisions on affirmative action, those megaphoned by California’s political class may be the most unhinged. Here’s the reality: California voters banned race-based admissions in 1996. But in the decades...

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Race Preferential College Admissions

By Sheridan Swanson
And how they ultimately hurt minority students and expose a glaring hypocrisy in the California education system.   State-funded universities in California are pushing to use race as a metric for college admissions, a practice many Californians believe should stay in the past. But while claiming to champion educational opportunity for low-income and minority students,...

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