The Superintendent Cannot Choose Your Doctor Either

By Greg Rolen
Imagine a world where a bureaucrat can choose the one person with whom you share your greatest confidences, personal information, goals and vulnerabilities. Imagine a world where that same bureaucrat can use that vital information to control you, invade your privacy and harm your well-being. Imagine a world where this cruel hoax is government-funded.  I...

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Low-profile legal fight has big implications for education

By Greg Rolen
A little-known lawsuit in Orange County has important implications for each of California’s 58 county departments of education, and chances are you’ve heard nothing about it. On November 18, 2019, the Orange County Board of Education sued the Orange County Superintendent of Schools, Al Mijares, because Mijares refused to recognize that the board had any...

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Money for Nothing – Public Administrators Have Minimal Authority or Accountability

By Edward Ring
On January 14th the Orange County Board of Education will meet to consider, among other things, approving a 2% increase for the Orange County superintendent’s salary. Using data provided by the Orange County Dept. of Education to Transparent California, it can be seen that in 2013 the superintendent, Al Mijares, earned a base salary of...

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