Environmentalism Provides Moral Cover for New Taxes to Fund Pensions

By Edward Ring
There are two intertwined themes that define unionized government in California. First, funding government retiree pensions will soak up every new source of tax revenue they will ever collect. Second, cloaking new taxes and fees – and new agencies – in the virtuous raiment of environmentalism will deflect criticism and demonize critics. Here’s why: Now...

TAGS: artificial scarcity, cap and trade, environmentalism

The Future of Unions in the Post-Scalia Era

By Edward Ring
“The ‘Scalia Dividend’ Is a Rare Opportunity for Unions.” – Shaun Richman, In These Times, February 16, 2016 The implications of Antonin Scalia’s sudden and tragic death have already been painstakingly explored by anyone involved in union reform. There’s not much to add. But what members of the labor movement have to say about this new...

TAGS: Antonin Scalia, artificial scarcity, Joel Kotkin