California's (Government Union) Attorney General Blocks Real Initiative Reform

By Jon Coupal
Just last month, this column noted that the professional political class harbors great hostility toward the tools of direct democracy — the powers of initiative, referendum and recall. These are effective tools to control an indolent or corrupt legislature. From the perspective of politicians, direct democracy allows the great unwashed and unsophisticated to deal with...

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Vallejo’s post-bankruptcy plight gets little notice in California’s state capitol

By Steven Greenhut
When Vallejo, California was facing bankruptcy, pension reformers warned officials there that unless the city takes the opportunity to trim back pensions for current employees that it would soon be back in the fiscal tank. One official there said the city didn’t want to take on the politically powerful California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS),...

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Momentum Shifts in Fight to Fire Bad Teachers

By Gloria Romero
Thank you, Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor on Thursday sided with California parents seeking to protect their children from sexual predators in the classroom, over the interests of the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers seeking to protect their members by circumventing and defeating the most significant lawsuit – Vergara vs. California...

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