Honest satire

Last week, the satirical website The Babylon Bee published an article proclaiming, “kids form union and donate millions to Newsom so they won’t have to get vaccinated.”  As with any good parody, this piece centered on truth: the most effective voices in California’s education system are teachers unions, because they have a lot of money....

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Obama Ignores Destructive Influence of Prison Unions in HBO Appearance

By Will Swaim
Comedian Bill Maher landed an interview with President Barack Obama last week, and the interaction felt like something out of a movie about hobbits – two grown men basking in the warm glow of a be-flagged White House office with a Frederick Remington buffalo sculpture in the background. ANTIBIOTIC: President Obama on Bill Maher’s “Real...

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The Public Employee Union Chokehold on California

By Private: Gloria Romero
I created a stir last year when I — the former Democratic Senate majority leader — endorsed Proposition 32, the ballot initiative that would have reigned in special interests, including enabling union members to bypass their own union executive boards and make their own choices as to how to direct their own union dues for...

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Brown’s Prison Fix Downplays Union Role

By Steven Greenhut
Gov. Jerry Brown today signed an executive order and legislation intended to deal with the problem of cell phones being smuggled into the state’s prisons, but he artfully ignores the main source of those contraband phones, the employees who guard the prisons, and the main political obstruction to reform — the union that represents most...

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