The Bullet Train Epitomizes Golden State Corruption

By Edward Ring
It sounded too good to be true, and it was. Travel from downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles in two hours via high-speed rail. California voters in 2008 approved Proposition 1A, authorizing $9.95 billion in general obligation bonds to build this so-called “bullet train.” They were told not only that the total cost would...

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California officials knew all along bullet train wouldn’t attract investors

By Chris Reed
After being discussed for decades, a privately funded 170-mile high-speed rail link through the desert between Las Vegas and Victorville — 90 miles east-northeast of Los Angeles — could get final approval in coming weeks from the Federal Railroad Administration. After that happens, the California and Nevada state governments are expected to give final approval...

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Rapidly growing hyperloop industry offers alternative to California high-speed rail

By Marc Joffe
Since Elon Musk introduced hyperloop in 2012, several startups have been formed to commercialize the technology. Hyperloop is a 21st century approach to intercity travel in which pods fly through sealed, low pressure tubes at speeds of up to 760mph. Although a large amount of hyperloop research is occurring in California, our state government is...

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Automation threatens dream of 450,000 unionized California High-Speed Rail jobs

By Kevin Dayton
It’s trendy for public intellectuals to warn that technological advancement may soon lead to the “end of work.” While some might scoff at this prophesy, it’s valid for certain occupations. Unions that represent workers in skilled trade occupations have seen the “end of jobs” for decades and certainly take the threat seriously. A noteworthy example...

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California High-Speed Rail jobs: high hopes, harsh reality

By Kevin Dayton
Defenders of California High-Speed Rail often respond to critics by touting how the project provides high-paying jobs in the construction industry for disadvantaged residents of the San Joaquin Valley. It’s one thing to proclaim intentions, but another to achieve them. California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Jeff Morales spoke about high-speed rail training and employment for...

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Applying for New CEO of the California High-Speed Rail Authority: My Cover Letter

By Kevin Dayton
Editor’s Note: Kevin Dayton asked if he could leave the California Policy Center to apply for an opening at the California High-Speed Rail Authority. We told him to give it a shot… April 28, 2017 California High-Speed Rail Authority Attn: Human Resources 770 L Street, Suite 620 MS 4 Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: Application for...

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Assembly committee rejects common sense high-speed rail oversight

By Marc Joffe
On Monday, the Assembly Transportation Committee voted against a bill that would have increased high-speed rail’s financial transparency. The measure, AB 66, would have implemented recommendations from the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO), a non-partisan official body that analyzes budgets and proposed legislation. In its analysis of the High-Speed Rail Authority’s 2016 draft business plan, LAO...

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Is the California High-Speed Rail Authority Paying for Legendary Leadership?

By Kevin Dayton
Editor’s Note, 4/21/2017 – High-Speed Rail Authority Executive Director Jeff Morales announced his resignation today.  Kevin Dayton’s analysis, published by CPC ten days earlier, leads us to believe that Morales’ departure is good news for California taxpayers. Robert Moses was the legendary “Master Builder” of 20th Century New York City. William Mulholland was the legendary engineer...

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