Good Fortune Shines on Teachers Unions

By Joel Fox
California’s teachers unions have been described as the most powerful force affecting state government. Recently, however, threats to the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers have arisen on a number of fronts, yet over the last couple of weeks those threats seemed to be minimized by political pressure, apparent sympathetic judges, and...

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How Government Unions Are Destroying California

By Bob Loewen
California was once the State that everyone looked up to. With the best weather and natural resources, we were full of hope and innovation. We had the best public schools, a world class system of higher education, the best freeways, infrastructure to provide fresh water to our growing population, which also doubled as a source...

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Friedrichs vs. the CTA Ruling Could Restore Free Speech Rights of Government Workers

By Edward Ring
In less than one week the U.S. Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments in the case Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, to determine whether unions can force public employees to fund speech through collective bargaining with which they might disagree. The case could result in a landmark decision impacting the First Amendment rights of millions...

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National Union Leadership Smear Teachers in Supreme Court Case

By Jason Hart
America’s most powerful union bosses are running a national smear campaign against 10 workers who fund their paychecks. California teacher Rebecca Friedrichs and nine of her fellow educators are being vilified by executives of the country’s largest labor unions — including the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers. Using money taken from workers’ paychecks, union bosses are portraying Friedrichs and...

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U.S. Supreme Court to Rule – Is Government Unionization a Free Speech Issue?

By Stephen Eide
Since the Supreme Court has the power to stir up controversy like few other American institutions, public debate about government unionization is certain to intensify in coming months. This fall, the justices will take up Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which concerns the question of whether public sector workers can be required to pay “agency”...

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The CTA Empire Strikes Back

By Edward Ring
Emperor Palpatine: There is a great disturbance in the Force. Darth Vader: I have felt it. Emperor Palpatine: We have a new enemy, the young Rebel… Darth Vader: How is that possible? Emperor Palpatine: Search your feelings, Lord Vader. You know it to be true. He could destroy us. The Force is strong with him. –...

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Union-dues case moves closer to Supreme Court

By Private: Gloria Romero
Sometimes you win by losing. That’s precisely what occurred last week, when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the motion by Rebecca Friedrichs’ attorneys to decide her case (Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association) on the basis of the pleadings, without a trial or additional oral arguments. The “loss” actually means that plaintiffs –...

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Anaheim Teachers Union Intimidates Their Members

By Private: Gloria Romero
Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher and president of California Teachers Empowerment Network, summarized it succinctly: “Ah, the commissar has spoken from on high!” The “commissar” is none other than the president of the Anaheim Elementary Education Association, Kristen Fisher, who dispatched an email to dues-paying union members on Oct. 6. It seems that Fisher...

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Unions – The Biggest Bullies in the School House

By R. Claire Friend
There has been a great deal of public attention on the problem of bullying in our public schools. Issues such as possible causes as well as appropriate administrative and legal remedies have been hotly debated across the country by educators, parents and politicians with varying responses. The focus of bullying heretofore has been limited to...

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Putting The Brakes On Unions' Free Ride On Employee Dues

By Larry Sand
Echoing the union party line, the recently termed-out president of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, insists that all workers in a unionized industry should be required to pay union dues, their so-called “fair share.” Speaking about the nation’s 3 million teachers, he says: “Fair share simply makes sure that all educators share the...

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