California school officials use Trump to mask their own failures

By Cecilia Iglesias
In announcing the end of the DACA program two weeks ago, President Trump seemed to fulfill a campaign promise to kill a program he once declared unconstitutional. But later, the president seemed to call for a permanent legislative solution that would grant resident status to people brought illegally to the country as minors. Tweeting that...

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When Teachers Unions Attack

By Larry Sand
Coca Cola, Teach For America, Walmart and banks are the latest targets of Big Labor. Attempting to get over the millions of dollars they spent backing losers in the November election, America’s teachers unions are on a mission to find new bogeymen. First victim: Coca Cola. Yup, the American Federation of Teachers has adopted a...

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Union Friendly National Security Bureaucrat Picked to Head University of California

By Steven Greenhut
With its 10 campuses, nearly 200,000 staff, and $20 billion annual budget, the University of California system is emblematic of the state government that pays a portion of its bills – enormous, unruly, overly expensive, steeped in politics, dominated by unions and other special-interest groups, and plagued with controversy. California voters in 2010 turned the...

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