Can Unionized Police Be Held Accountable for Misconduct?

By Edward Ring
“We thought were inappropriate to be employees of the city.” – Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks (ret.), in reference to the termination of corrupt police officers, Rampart scandal (late 1990’s) About a year ago we published an editorial asking this question, “How much does professionalism cost,” using as an example the tragic death of...

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Police Unions in America

By Edward Ring
The first thing we have to understand is that without the law, we have nothing. It turns into a situation of savage against barbarian, of the powerful against the powerless.  It turns into a situation of dog eat dog, unrestricted, without restraints or consideration of anybody’s humanity. –  Dr. Harry Edwards, POPSspot Sports Radio Interview,...

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How Much Does Professionalism Cost?

By Edward Ring
When discussing the sensitive subject of public employee compensation, there are several important dimensions that must be considered – can we afford it, is it appropriate and fair, how does it compare to the private sector (if comparisons can even be made), what are the additional costs for employer paid benefits, and how do we...

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