Orange County Pensions At Risk – Unions Just Call Critics “Extremists”

By Edward Ring
“Just as the overseer of Detroit lied to the public about Detroit’s unfunded pension liability, these extremists are likewise lying to the taxpayers of Orange County, and they’re following his playbook.” –  Jennifer Muir, Communications Director, Orange County Employees Association We’re not lying, Jennifer. We’re not even stretching the truth. What government union spokesperson Muir...

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What If Every Worker Made What City of Irvine Workers Make?

By Edward Ring
“Jennifer Muir, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Employees’ Association, which represents more than 18,000 public employees in Orange County, said the California Public Policy Center’s study was a politically motivated attack on public employees and unions. Aside from promoting the center’s anti-public employee union agenda, Muir said, the reports are misleading and shift focus away...

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