Greenlighting classroom disruptions

By Larry Sand
A new law that bans school suspensions for defiance is on the books in California. Yesterday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 419 into law, which extends the current K-3 ban for suspensions for “defiant and disruptive” behavior to grades 4-8. The law suggests that “restorative justice practices, trauma-informed practices, social and emotional learning, and schoolwide positive...

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The Divided States of America

By R. Claire Friend
A war against the financially privileged 1%. 47% of our fellow citizens on food stamps. 92 million of them out of work.  A real unemployment rate nearing 20%.  Have-nots protesting in city parks against Wall Street fat cats or in city streets for supersized wages to serve dollar burgers and tacos. The land of proverbial...

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Brotherly Betrayal

By Larry Sand
Predominantly minority D.C school kids are not sharing NEA leader’s glee over President Obama’s budget. Last week, President Obama released his administration’s budget for fiscal year 2015 and National Education Association president Dennis Van Roekel was ecstatic. He was especially pleased that Obama plans to move “towards ending the era of austerity.” (Austerity? I must...

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