Glazer Victory Proves Government Union Reform Is Bipartisan

By Private: Gloria Romero
Steve Glazer is a symbol of change. The Democrat mayor of Orinda, Glazer, won a decisive victory over Concord Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla in last week’s special election for the vacant 7th District State Senate seat. Given California’s open primary system, it was a Democrat vs. Democrat runoff in which Glazer’s foes resorted to attacking him...

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A Challenge to Moorlach and Glazer – Build A Radical Center

By Edward Ring
On March 22, 2015, John Moorlach was officially sworn in as state senator for California’s 37th District. On May 28, 2015, Steve Glazer took the oath of office as state senator for the 7th District. Moorlach is a Republican serving mostly conservative constituents in Orange County. Steve Glazer is a Democrat serving mostly liberal constituents in Contra Costa County....

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Glazer vs. Bonilla 7th Senate District Battle Reflects New Political Split in California

By Edward Ring
California’s politics remain polarized, but not just via the traditional division of Republicans vs. Democrats. As reported here two months ago in the post “Issue of Government Unions Divide Candidates More Than Party Affiliation,” there were two California State Senate contests that remained unresolved after the November 2014 election. One of them, pitting Republican John Moorlach...

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Unions in the News – Weekly Highlights

By Editor
Steve Glazer, Blazing a Trail By Joel Fox, April 14, 2015, Fox&Hounds A Democrat will be elected in the Senate District 7 special election next month but depending on which Democrat is elected the result could change the course of California political history. Steve Glazer, the Orinda mayor and former Jerry Brown advisor is a...

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California Democrat Goes Rogue, Incurs Government Union Wrath

By Private: Gloria Romero
It didn’t take long for “the brotherhood” of status quo politics to pile on. Within hours of former Assembly member Joan Buchanan having lost her election bid for Northern California’s 7th Senate District seat in last week’s special election to fill the vacancy, she endorsed labor-embraced and fellow Democratic Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, D-Concord. Together, they...

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Unions Back Unelectable Republican to Draw Votes from Reform Democrat

By Jon Coupal
Last November’s election saw some of the most craven political tactics ever seen in California.  Fearful that they would lose the two thirds supermajority in both houses, many anti-taxpayer candidates – usually Democrats – attempted to portray themselves as friendly to taxpayers and in favor of Proposition 13 when, in fact, the exact opposite was...

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Issue of Government Unions Divide Candidates More Than Party Affiliation

By Edward Ring
“Agent Keen, in this world there are no sides, only players.” –  Raymond Reddington, played by actor James Spader, NBC’s “Blacklist,” February 12, 2015 To exemplify the intensifying battle of players regardless of sides, look no further than California’s two competitive State Senate special elections set for this March. In Orange County’s Senate District 37,...

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