Grassroots Infrastructure for Initiatives and Recalls is Growing in California

By Edward Ring
Earlier this month the effort to recall Gavin Newsom was officially ended. As reported in the Times of San Diego on March 17, “Last week, the California Secretary of State’s Office informed Erin Cruz of Palm Springs that her petition effort to oust the Democratic governor had failed. A year earlier, an initiative to repeal California’s gas tax made...

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Sacramento’s Software Incompetence in the Software Capital of the World

By Edward Ring
California has a well-deserved reputation as the global epicenter of high technology. In nearly every critical area, from aerospace to biotech, nanotech to green tech, to telecommunications, to microchip design, California’s universities and private companies are some of best in the world and counted among the leaders. At the pinnacle of global achievement is California’s...

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California’s Antiquated Legislature Can Update State Technologies

By Edward Ring
In the birthplace of high tech, government financial statements exist only in PDF format. Last year, California’s state Senate and Assembly passed 1,217 pieces of legislation. Governor Brown signed 1,016 of them into law, and most took effect January 1st. Included were predictable acts of liberal zealotry – sanctuary for the undocumented, gender equity on corporate boards, gun...

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Exponential Technological Advances and the Role of Unions

By Edward Ring
“Robots will steal your job, but that’s ok.” Federico Pistono Anyone who has recently driven through Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is likely to have had the memorable experience of sharing the road with a car that has nobody inside. Google’s “autonomous cars” are being tested there, and apparently they drive better...

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