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WIN CASH: Proposition 65 Photo Contest

Win Big Dollars!

Proposition 65 Photo Contest

Have you seen a Proposition 65 sign lately? The signs are everywhere in California. Are they absurd? Funny? So absurd, they’re funny?

Now your sense of humor can win you a prize, just as it has for Contessa who has won $1500 (weeks 6 ,912,  14, 15, 18, 19, 20. 2223, 24, 26, 29, 32, and 47); Shanae, who has won $1200 (weeks 14, 5, 7 , 10, 1116, 21, 28, 43, 46, and 49); Joseph who has won $500 (weeks 41, 44, 45, 48, and 51); Danielle $400 (weeks 27,  30, 33, and 36) and John (weeks 37, 38, 39, and 40), who have won $400; Jamey (weeks 8 and 13) and Gary (week 25 and 42) who have won $200 and Tony (week 2), Stephen (week 3) Greg (week 17), Mary (week 31), Chantal (week 34), and David (week 35) who have each won $100. When you see a particularly absurd sign, snap a picture. The person who submits the best picture of the week will win $100 each and every week for the next 2 weeks. After, you are eligible to win an additional $1,000 if one of your winning pictures is voted the best of the 52 weekly winners.

Eligibility:  Everyone is eligible to participate.  There are no age limits.

Here’s How to Enter a Picture. 

Step 1:  Find a Prop 65 warning that you find humorous or absurd. Take a picture of the warning.  Make sure it is legible.  If the context is not clear, take a picture of the place that you found it as well and combine or post both pictures side by side.  Don’t forget to add a caption.

Step 2:  Post your photos on any or all of the following: Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Use the tag @calpolicycenter (on Facebook or Twitter) or @californiapolicy (on Instagram) in your post and include the Hashtag “#Prop65Contest”.

Step 3: Make sure your account is public so we can see the post!

How Winners Will be Determined:

Clear Pictures Required – Pictures must show a clear legible Proposition 65 Warning and the Setting in which it was taken. See pool above and beach shoe example below.

A clever caption must be included– either in the picture or in the post message. Posts should make folks laugh or at the very least, smile.

Creativity And Impact Count! We will judge entrants on originality, humor, quality, and impact of message. The “impact of message” will be measured by checking out how many people liked/retweeted/shared your photo.


Weekly $100 Winner for 52 weeks!    Each week, we’ll choose a winner from the pictures posted during the week– and the winner will receive $100 payable via Venmo. The contest will run for 52 weeks. There’s no limit to the number of $100 prizes you can win.  Technically, you could win the prize for all 52 weeks. So keep posting new photos. Don’t stop even if you have been declared the week’s winner. Each week’s contest will begin on Monday and end on the following Sunday at 12:00 PDT. The weekly winner will be announced the next day (Monday) by 6:00 P.M. PDT .

$1,000 Prize for the Best of the Best – At the end of the contest, we’ll have a playoff – pitting the best of the best in a crowd-sourced vote to determine the No. 1 Prop 65 Warning photo.  The winner will receive the grand prize of $1,000 payable via Venmo.

How To Find Proposition 65 Signs  They are everywhere.  Just open your eyes and you will find them in any place that is open to the public, even Disney rides.  There’s another source that is making its way to store shelves. Products produced after August 30, 2018 are required to bear a Proposition 65 warning on the outside of the package.   Watch for the new packaging. It should provide you with even more photographic opportunities.

Why are we running this contest? Because Proposition 65 is not serving its intended purpose – to warn consumers of real risks of cancer or birth defects from chemicals.  Instead, Californians are warned that normal activities like breathing, eating (even healthy, organic foods), drinking (coffee*, beer, or alcohol), driving, swimming, walking in beach shoes, picnicking, or even using a restroom puts them at risk of cancer and their progeny for birth defects. To get an idea of the pervasive nature of Prop 65 warnings, watch

Why are there so many warnings?  Because of the way California assesses risk. More on this here.

 Of even greater consequence, is the slew of absurd warnings that result.  The warnings are virtually guaranteed to be disregarded, and in the process, much like the “Boy who cried Wolf,” ensure that the real warnings that should be heeded are ignored.

This contest is an effort to bring people to their senses.  There’s nothing like humor to illustrate a point.

By participating you affirm you are the sole author/owner of the photograph and are placing the photograph in the public domain with the understanding that it may be republished on our site and used inother social media.
We can change these rules at any time, for any reason.

By entering the Contest, you agree that you have read these Official Rules and are in agreement with them.  By participating, you hereby waive any and all rights that exist in your submission and any derivative works made therefrom, including any moral rights, right of publicity, copyright and other intellectual property rights.  You further agree that anyone may utilize, replicate, alter, adapt, modify, publish, perform, broadcast, translate, produce derivative works from, distribute, present, or display any and all portions of your submission in any media now known or later created, anywhere and forever.