Improving Oversight, Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility (Section 9 of 9)

By Kevin Dayton
See the complete California Policy Center report For the Kids: California Voters Must Become Wary of Borrowing Billions More from Wealthy Investors for Educational Construction (complete, printable PDF Version, 4 MB, 361 pages) Links to all sections of this study readable online: Executive Summary: “For the Kids” – Comprehensive Review of California School Bonds (1 of 9)...

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Unrecognized Legacy of Prop 39: $137 Billion in Payments Due for Money Already Borrowed and Spent

By Kevin Dayton
How much debt has accumulated as the State of California and its local K-12 school and community college districts relentlessly borrow money for school construction by selling bonds to investors? No one seems to know. In April 2013, the California Policy Center published a report entitled Calculating California’s Total State and Local Government Debt, which attempted to...

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When Borrowing $142.4 Billion for School Construction Isn't Enough

By Kevin Dayton
On January 12, 2015, the Sacramento Bee reported that “school-construction and home-building groups have launched an effort to qualify a $9 billion school bond for the November 2016 ballot…The last state school bond was in 2006, and the pot of new construction and modernization money is virtually empty.” See California School Builders, Others to Gather Signatures for...

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Latest November 2014 Election Results – 113 Bonds for 108 California Educational Districts

By Kevin Dayton
The California Policy Center has now posted updated November 4, 2014 election results for the state’s 113 bond measures for K-12 and community college districts. These revised results incorporate almost a month of ballots counted and reviewed by county elections offices. The most significant change is that the largest of the 113 bond measures considered...

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